Kingsday/Day of the king

In the Netherlands we celebrate the kings birthday on.. (guess what) the day he was born. It is a national holiday with a lot of traditions.

We for instance have a lot of freemarkets and markets in the towns and cities, that’s a reason why some roads aren’t driveable that day. They’re simply blocked to let everyone have a fun day. You can buy stuff, and usually children sell their own old stuff they aren’t using anymore for some cash. It’s fun.

Usually we also have a far with all kinds of attractions (which you can move around, we call it a “Kermis”. It’s a fair with moveable attractions).

We also have a lot of other things, like jumping castles. And at the parking place of the mall I live nearby they had line dancing, a lot of people like it and it is every year. Really fun to see people enjoy it but I wouldn’t do it myself. It was a fun day.

Any questions about this national holiday we have in the Netherlands? Ask ahead!

Interactive Middle-Earth Map

I like Lord of the Rings, and when I was looking trough the internet for LOTR maps. I found this one coming up first when I typed interactive with it. It surprised me how good this map is and how accurate it actually is.

You can see all the events in both Lord of the Rings and also The Hobbit. You can see the paths they walked, and they walked seperately. If you watched the movies or read the books, you’ll probably get what I mean. And.. You can also see places, rivers, settlements. It’s really handy although you’re probably never going to use the map in real life.

Check it out, this is not an advertisement. More like a review. And after all, I don’t believe they do this for money.

Short Story: Not panicking

I turned away from the open door of my room, I just woke up but I did not have the intention to get up from bed. I thought it was handier to not look at my phone because then I’ll see what the time is, and if it is late already. I didn’t have to do something, I had nothing planned for today.

After some broad thinking I got up and walked towards my door. It was open and the light from the windows in other rooms shine on the hallway. I’d walk over to my closet and opened it. I grabbed the clothing I wanted for today, just, as usual; simple trousers, a shirt and if I think it’s a bit cold. A sweater. When I grabbed everything in my left hand I stretched with my arms upwards to the ceiling.

After I put my clothing on I went downstairs. There was a small breeze so I believe my mom already opened the window downstairs. But when I got in sight of the door, I saw the door was open. It was cold, so I closed it first. Then I rushed into the living room to see where everyone was.

There was no one. I couldn’t see a living thing nor a dead thing. Every piece of furniture was where it should be and nothing was misplaced. I’d do a little “Hmm?” as I do not know what was going on. I did not panic, though. I don’t know why.


Alright, it was the first day I posted and started something on this blog. I think it’ll be handy to end it with a self made saying.

We’re all born on the same earth. But just on different pieces of earth.

“Libtards, Republicraps”

I hear it a lot. Cursing on each other for their political views. And I think it is pointless, childish and stupid.

There will probably be enough posts about politics on my blog. I will openly tell you what I think about a statement or other things in politics. I just think it’s annoying how people curse and swear on you because of your ideologies.

“If you hate someone for their ideology, politics will never properly work.”


It’s mostly in american social media I’d say. Or mostly americans who do it, yeah. That’s generalizing. But in my experience I experience it like this. I’m from Europe myself and ofcourse people don’t like what you choose sometimes but they respect it. And in the US they probably do to. But there are some people who just use curses to explain themselves instead of just arguing normally.


This is one of the first things I type on this blog. I thought it would be fun to start a blog because I often get commented on how critical I am sometimes, but also how good my writing was and that it was fun to read stuff I type or write.

In general, my blog is actually about nothing. I may be doing tags about the post I make but my blog is not dedicated to something. I am dedicated to a lot of things, and you will probably see that in my typing.

I hope I will get a great experience on this site and that it will help me a lot with my typing and also my english. My english isn’t bad and it’s my second language. But it still needs a lot of improvement. I’m dutch myself anyway.