Kingsday/Day of the king

In the Netherlands we celebrate the kings birthday on.. (guess what) the day he was born. It is a national holiday with a lot of traditions.

We for instance have a lot of freemarkets and markets in the towns and cities, that’s a reason why some roads aren’t driveable that day. They’re simply blocked to let everyone have a fun day. You can buy stuff, and usually children sell their own old stuff they aren’t using anymore for some cash. It’s fun.

Usually we also have a far with all kinds of attractions (which you can move around, we call it a “Kermis”. It’s a fair with moveable attractions).

We also have a lot of other things, like jumping castles. And at the parking place of the mall I live nearby they had line dancing, a lot of people like it and it is every year. Really fun to see people enjoy it but I wouldn’t do it myself. It was a fun day.

Any questions about this national holiday we have in the Netherlands? Ask ahead!