Short Story: Not panicking

I turned away from the open door of my room, I just woke up but I did not have the intention to get up from bed. I thought it was handier to not look at my phone because then I’ll see what the time is, and if it is late already. I didn’t have to do something, I had nothing planned for today.

After some broad thinking I got up and walked towards my door. It was open and the light from the windows in other rooms shine on the hallway. I’d walk over to my closet and opened it. I grabbed the clothing I wanted for today, just, as usual; simple trousers, a shirt and if I think it’s a bit cold. A sweater. When I grabbed everything in my left hand I stretched with my arms upwards to the ceiling.

After I put my clothing on I went downstairs. There was a small breeze so I believe my mom already opened the window downstairs. But when I got in sight of the door, I saw the door was open. It was cold, so I closed it first. Then I rushed into the living room to see where everyone was.

There was no one. I couldn’t see a living thing nor a dead thing. Every piece of furniture was where it should be and nothing was misplaced. I’d do a little “Hmm?” as I do not know what was going on. I did not panic, though. I don’t know why.